Sobe Knockouts WonT Say Hi To Girls

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Retail Judo Gear Store with An Attitude: Sobeknockouts

When people walk into your store and you don't offer even a "hello" or "is there anything I can help you with" then there is a problem. I realize that most of your customers are from out of town and probably wander in and look and leave, but you should treat eveyone like they are a local that would return if treated politely. I am local and wouldn't mind paying a good deal more money for equipment that I could get online at a local store on principle [and your prices are hirer], but when me and my friend walked into your store and didn't receive so much as a hello well I will save my money and shop elsewhere. Maybe you thought the other customers already in your shop would purchase more items or could hold better conversations I'm not sure, but I find it sad either way. Help us all if it is because Im a woman.

Thanks for your time Sobe Knockouts.


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iam surprised to find this kind of comments about SOBE KNOCKOUTS.I wanted to check out their website to see ig they have a headgear with nose protector bc i have shopped there before.

The only thing i have to say about it is the dude was nice, gave me a discount on gloves and shingguards,free key chain, free mexican wraps and also offered me tickets for a kickboxing event !i will definitely shop there again

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so they are not even open anymore, or at least not when they say they are. I was there a few weeks ago at 3pm and they were closed. Looks like the place is empty too.

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I ordered gear three weeks ago. No gear has arrived, no refund and the guy who picked up the phone tried to convince me it wasn't his fault.

I also caught him checking out my 13 year old daughter when I went in there to deal with the delay.

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No I totally agree about Sobe Knockuts tourist clothing store on south beach. I'm not sure if its cause your a girl or notin, but I went it with a boxing glove that came undone - 2 weeks after I bought it.

The manager on duty got real mad at me and threatened to beat the *** outa me. He was all like "punta... this and punta that..."

Turns out the manager, Auggie Mejia was the owner. I just wanted an exchange for the glove, or the phone number to call the company back and let them know their product failed.

No other manager/owner ever threatened to fight me over any return I have ever tried, whats with this place?

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